Smart City


An urban digital platform with unified certification, data, empowerment, and security.

Refined governance:

Realize the comprehensive integration of urban data resources to support decision-making and refined and scientific urban governance.

More convenient services:

Benefit the public, provide digital access and online services, simplify procedures, to coordinate commands and underpin competitive enterprises

More prosperous industries:

Serve industries, analyze and evaluate the city running status data and build information stations for urban governance.

Construct Digital Cities

Panorama Access

Integrate spatiotemporal data to support the new scene of city.

Event Access

Integrate dynamic events to sense the latest urban trends with a global perspective.

Intelligence Access

Integrate algorithm capabilities to develop new urban intelligence in the whole process.

IoT Access

Integrate IoT perception to extend the new urban reach comprehensively.

QR Code Access

An integrated QR Code across the city to build a new entrance of the city on the whole chain.

Video Access

Integrate video services to share new visions of the city.

Communication Access

Integrate communication means to support new linkages of cities in all time.

Application Scenarios